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Mar 4 / Jerilyn Soncrant

Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Marketing Summit: Special Rate for SMC Phoenix Members

Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Marketing Summit on Friday, March 15th from noon to 4:30 p.m at the Edward Jones Training Facility. They are offering SMC Phoenix members a special rate of $35, a savings of $30.

To register, visit Select the ‘member rate’ of $35 and enter SMCPHX as the organization name when promoted.


Here’s a little more about the summit:

Keynote Speaker:

Alisa Maclin, vice president of marketing for IBM’s Smarter Commerce Initiative will speak about understanding and connecting with your customers, and creating a positive customer experience.

Two Breakout Sessions:

Novice Track:
Session 1: What’s your story
Speaker: Park Howell, president, Park & Co.
Session 2: Creating a social media campaign
Panel of experts include:
Kristin Hassett, vice president of marketing, Valley of the Sun United Way
Adam Fuller, senior corporate communications strategist, SRP
Ashley Panter, digital content manager, Desert Botanical Gardens
Kandice Kwan, director of digital marketing, Fox Restaurant Concepts
Experienced Track:
Session 1: Multi-layered campaigns
Speaker: Ray Artigue, president, The Artigue Agency
Session 2: Maximize your social media efforts
Panel of experts include:
Kevin Kirkland, Co-founder and president, GroSocial
Heather Dopson, social media specialist, Infusionsoft
Preston Smith, demand generation specialist, Infusionsoft

Event Location:

Edward Jones
Edward Jones Training Facility
8333 S. River Pkwy.
Tempe, AZ 85284 

Click here for complete details


Feb 7 / Jerilyn Soncrant

February’s Meeting: Everything Mobile

We all know the use of mobile is on the rise, so making sure you have a mobile marketing strategy in place should be a top priority. So this month we’ve brought in two experts to discuss the importance of mobile when it comes to marketing.

Our mobile experts include:Moblie Marketing

Our mobile experts will cover:

  • Building pages and/or apps for mobile
  • Analytics of mobile
  • Design for mobile
  • Marketing campaigns for mobile
  • The importance of building an overall mobile experience

We will be meeting at GannettLocal on Wed., February 20 from 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Parking is free and located in the garage at 487 N. 2nd St (SE corner of 2nd St and Taylor). Don’t forget to mention you are with Social Media Club.


Image courtesy of Flickr by protoacademy
Jan 8 / Daniel Moran, Jr.

January’s Meeting: Social Media Advertising

socialmediaAre you thinking about or currently managing a social media ad buy? Tackling advertising on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter can help your business reach a variety of customers even if you don’t have a big budget. This month Social Media Club of Phoenix is hosting a discussion about advertising across social media platforms.

Our panel of experts will address topics that include:

  1. Tricks to increase your ad’s click-through-rates
  2. Ad targeting tips to help you reach your target audience
  3. Creating a user experience to help net conversions
  4. Defining realistic measurement goals for your ad buy

This month’s panel will feature:

  • Jerilyn Soncrant, sr. social media manager at Scott’s Marketplace
  • Daniel Moran, online communication strategist at SRP
  • An expert on Facebook advertising from GannettLocal

This month Social Media Club will be meeting at GannettLocal on Wed., Jan. 16 from 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Parking is free and located in the garage at 487 N. 2nd St (SE corner of 2nd St and Taylor). Don’t forget to mention you are with Social Media Club.

Dec 5 / Daniel Moran, Jr.

Memorable Moments and Unforgettable Failures of 2012

Before the ball drops in Time Square, Social Media Club of Phoenix counting down the top 10 social media movements of 2012 and the upcoming trends for the New Year.  We’ll enjoy a lively discussion of a handful of topics to ring in the New Year.

We’ll explore:

  • Biggest Oopsy: 2012 was the year that celebrities unleashed an array of pics on Twitter, Chick-fil-a was slammed on Facebook and presidential candidates found themselves in hot water over YouTube videos. But who will take home the award for biggest mishap? Help us decide.
  • Best Social Splash: Who sent Twitter fluttering this year or made a splash on Facebook? President Obama’s campaign harvested social data, Jimmy Fallon’s Steer the Script Campaign and more, we’ll hash out our favorite moments of 2012.
  • Secret Indulgence: We’ll unveil our guilty pleasures and ask you to share what sites, handles, pages and more that you can’t live without.
  • Biggest Moments of the Year: From the biggest blunders to the best ideas, we’ll all vote for 2012’s best and worst social moments.
  • Social Hangover: Like a bad boyfriend or Friday night regrets there are a few things we just wish would go away. See who and what tops the list and be prepared to share your favorites.

Like a detective on a case we urge you to pull out your smart phone or notepad and jot down things to add.  Be prepared to share your favorite and not-so-favorite social media moments of 2012.

We’re ending the year at our favorite spot, GannettLocal. Stop by on Wednesday, December 19 from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30p.m.

Socially yours,
SMC Phoenix

P.S. Feel free to get a jump-start on dishing out your favorite moments in social media on our Facebook page!

P.P.S. From everyone at Social Media Club of Phoenix happy holidays and best of luck in the New Year!

Nov 13 / Jerilyn Soncrant

No Meeting November – SMC Phoenix

Just a friendly reminder we will NOT be meeting this month (November) since it falls on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Go enjoy this time with your family and friends. We look forward to seeing you in December!

December’s Topic: The best and worst of 2012 plus predictions for 2013
Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Date: Wednesday, December 19th
Location: GannettLocal – Downtown Phoenix in the Arizona Republic Building
















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Oct 5 / Jerilyn Soncrant

October’s Roundtable Discussion: Mixing Hot Button Issues and Business – Good or Bad Idea?

push that hot button

With the presidential election just around the corner and the debates taking over your television, we pose the question: Is it a good or bad idea to mix business and hot button issues, like the presidential campaign?

In this month’s roundtable we will be exploring businesses and people sharing their views on politics, gay rights and any other hot button issue through social media. Then we’ll decide who mixes the two well and who fails completely.

What We’ll Discuss:

  1. What businesses have shared their views on debatable topics and succeeded? What businesses have failed miserably?
  2. Do you know anyone who might end up with no friends or followers by the end of the election due to too much political talk on Facebook?
  3. People are talking politics on Twitter – the first presidential debate broke records on the number of tweets per second. Did you tweet your opinions?
  4. Who is doing a good job at bringing humor to hot button issues on social media?
  5. What’s your opinion? Is it something you share through social media or do you reserve those kinds of topics for offline discussions?
  6. What hot button issues are appropriate to talk about online? What topics are completely off limits?

It will be a night to remember and hopefully we’ll all remain friends after. Who knows you might even decide to try tying in a hot button issue in your next social marketing campaign by the end of the discussion.

So make sure you join us!

Here are the Details:

When: Wednesday, October 17th 6:00- 7:30pm
Where: Mesa Fire Station 218  – Community Room
845 N. Alma School Road
Mesa, AZ 85201

Mark Your Calendar! Future Topics and Meetings:

November’s Meeting:

Canceled. Since it’s the day before Thanksgiving we figured everyone would rather prepare their tummies for the mass amounts of food they’ll be consuming the next day. read more…
Sep 5 / Daniel Moran, Jr.


Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Get ready to fly with our flock of Twitter users, as SMC Phoenix dives into the Twitterverse. This month’s roundtable discussion will focus on everything related to Twitter. September’s meeting with be held at the Mesa Public Library in the 2nd Floor Board Room. (Main Library on 64 E First St., Mesa, AZ 85201 – 2nd Floor Board Room) from 6:00pm – 7:30pm on Wednesday, September 19.


During our meeting, we will discuss:

  1. The different tools marketers and enthusiasts are using to manage their Twitter handles.
  2. Discuss what makes a great profile and what elements we should focus on optimizing. Is a strong profile description, background image, etc. essential for success?
  3. If content is king, then what type of information should you be sharing on Twitter? We will tackle what strategies each of us are leveraging to help spark engagement.
  4. Campaigns that work on Twitter and what tips, tricks, etc. we can learn from other businesses and people using the network to engage with customers.
  5. Frequency. Is it possible to Tweet too much? How do you know when the best times to tweet are?

Be prepared to share:

  • Your favorite Twitter tool
  • Your must-follow handle
  • The hashtag you can’t live without
  • Questions & tips

We look forward to seeing you all at September’s meeting and discussing All Things Twitter.

Here are the details:

Location: Mesa Public Library – Main Branch
Address: 64 E First St., Mesa, AZ 85201
Room: 2nd Floor Board Room (it will be directly to your right once you’re upstairs)
Date: Wednesday, September 19th
Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm

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Aug 3 / Daniel Moran, Jr.

SMC Phoenix wants to know, “Are your events social?”


acm_6998 (Photo credit: Moriartys)

Social media has the power to not only drive attendance to your event, but it can make it the roast of the town. As event planners develop a strategy to promote events using social, it’s important that you understand how to use different platforms to promote your soiree and engage with your audience.



During this month’s roundtable discussion, Social Media Club of Phoenix will explore:

  1. Is targeting tweeters and inviting them to an event…spamming them?
  2. Spread the word: best practices for promoting events.
  3. From hashtags to Facebook posts, how do you make attendees more social?
  4. Get a 5-star rating, a look at how to engage attendees after your grand fete.
  5. What social apps, platforms, etc. do you use for events?
  6. Who’s done a great job and who’s been an epic fail.
  7. When has social media added value to an event, and how?
  8. How do you promote digital events, such as webinars or other forms of online interaction?

This month’s event will be held at Kelly’s at South Bridge in Old Town Scottsdale (7117 E. 6th Ave) from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm. There is free parking in the underground garage at South Bridge (entrance near Barrio Queen), and as always attendance is free for everyone.

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Jul 16 / Daniel Moran, Jr.

Discussion Wednesdays: Social Media and its role in your SEO strategy

English: seo block

Social Media Club of Phoenix would like to invite members to join our round table discussion about how social media plays a role in your SEO strategy.  Following our new interactive group meeting format will allow attendees to ask questions, give tips and receive advice from fellow experts across the Valley.

During our meeting we will discuss:

  1. What social media platforms are essential in your SEO strategy?
  2. What tricks or tips can you share with the group to help build their organic search ranking by using social platforms?
  3. What are your biggest challenges or questions?
  4. How do you think Google Search Plus Your World and Bing’s new integration of social media recommendations will affect your social strategy?

This month’s meeting will be held at Cadillac Ranch at Tempe Marketplace from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm. As always parking and attendance is FREE, we just ask that you participate as much as possible.

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Jun 12 / Jeff Moriarty

SMC Phoenix moves to new date, location, and format!

Kevin Mitnick: Ghost in the Wires by Charis Tsevis

Kevin Mitnick: Ghost in the Wires by Charis Tsevis

Big changes are afoot for the Phoenix Social Media Club; changes we think will make our monthly meetings a little more interactive and a little more social.

The past few months we’ve been holding small panel and individual topics, and while there have been some very good sessions they still tend towards being a bit like a classroom. There’s a lot of value in that, but we’re more of a sharing than an educational group. We want to have active discussions and sharing among everyone who comes, and build some solid connections between people who come regularly.

New format – interactive discussions

The next SMC’s are going to be a combination of open discussion and focused topic discussion. The first part of the meeting will be for anyone to bring up interesting social media things from the past month. It might be a new tool, a challenging situation, a great insight, a tough problem, or anything else they’d like to share or get feedback on.

The second part of the meeting will be a discussion on the topic of the month, and everyone will able to participate. Bring your laptop, because we be trying things together, sharing tips, and working on our own social sites as we talk. You may be an expert of the topic of the month who can share a lot, or a newbie on that topic who is there to learn, but everyone will have a chance to chime in.

New date and location

We’re changing from the long-standing 2nd Thursday of the month, and moving out to the east side of Phoenix. We will now be meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6:00pm, and will be at the OHSO nanobrewery on 48th St and Indian School. OHSO has a great selection of beer and wine, and lots of tasty food to socailize over.

The after-SMC-discussions at District American Kitchen was very popular, so we chose a new location that allowed some of that same socializing. We’ll have a big group of tables put together to allow people to mingle and connect.

And an enormous thank you to Gannett Local for hosting SMC the past few months, and to District American Kitchen for those aforementioned after-SMC-discussions.

Update your calendars!

To be clear, there is not a meeting coming up on June 14th. Here’s the scoop for June’s meeting:

June Topic: Facebook page and group administration – tools, tips, challenges, and ideas

When: June 20th (3rd Weds of each month)

Where: OHSO nanobrewery, 48th St & Indian School

We’ll be updating our website, Facebook, and other places to reflect the new dates and locations, but let us know if we missed one. Hope to see you on the 20th to give this format a try and give us your thoughts!