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Sep 14 / Daniel Moran, Jr.

Twitter Chat Recap: Navigate +K

Image representing Klout as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

At this month’s Twitter Chat we took the Klout conversation we had at our last meeting, and tackled the pressing questions still lingering. Our discussion on Twitter shifted gears as we focused on how Klout has changed our online behaviors.

Amongst our Twitter Chat participants, we came to an overall consensus that Klout has pushed us to engage more on Twitter and other platforms.  @dmoranjr Tweeted, “It’s made me re-think how much I engage! So yes it has switched things up for me.” Exploring how Klout has pushed us to engage more, we explored ways to further open up a dialogue with people we don’t personally know.

Since social media is about being social, @JoeManna encouraged members to jump into conversations. He stated, “I usually interject myself on Twitter. Usually with some usefulness, wittiness or humor.”

A hot topic on everyone’s minds was how we can improve our Klout scores, and bottom line there is no way to cheat the system—it’s about staying active and engaged on social platforms. @CherylMarquez noticed her score increased when she started having conversations on Twitter. Other users expressed using social platforms that link to Twitter or Klout that pushes them to have more of a conversation with their followers.

Overall it’s clear that Klout and its algorithm for determining influence has itself earned clout in the world of social media. As companies begin examining a person’s Klout score and people are slowly giving Klout online, the company has created a respected recipe for determining a person’s impact in the social media world.

Be sure to tune in to next month’s Twitter chat held the first Friday of every month. Social Media Club of Phoenix will be announcing the topic in the next week or two.

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