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Jul 6 / Jeff Moriarty

July’s topic – Social Media Monitoring & much more

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We have quite a few topics to kick of this steamy July in Phoenix, including our topic of Monitoring, Social Media AZ Conference, and the recent Social Media Day!

Social Media Monitoring: If you’re not listening, how can you talk?

The topic for our July 8th Social Media Club Phoenix is a look at Social Media Monitoring, taken from our Uservoice forum.  If you really want to be part of the conversation about your company or brand, you need to listen to what others are saying about you. Different tools can help with either casual or serious monitoring, allowing even small businesses without a dedicated social media group to participate. It may take time to learn to filter out the noise from the information, but once it is done monitoring is a critical piece of any social media implementation..



Social Media 101 (ad hoc)

Our usual Social Media 101 instructor is off on a vacation this week, so we will be having the SM 101, just not an agenda.  Jeff Moriarty will be covering the session, and taking any questions and topics for consideration. The sessions are always engaging and enjoyable, so stop on by.

SM101 starts at 5:30pm. Because we only have about 45 minutes for the class plus a Q & A session, please be on time. The class will end at 6:15, giving everyone plenty of time to make it to the main SMCPHX meeting that starts promptly at 6:30.

Feel free to come to either or both talks, at the offices!

Social Media AZ Speakers & Tickets

The Social Media AZ (SMAZ) conference is coming September 9th in Tempe, and is now taking submissions for talks on Facebook.  Submit your Social Media AZ talk and share your ideas!

As a sponsor of Social Media AZ we have a discount code to allow SMC Phoenix members to save 20% off the ticket price. If you’re looking to attend, just enter the code “SMC” when you get your tickets.

We will also be giving away some sponsor tickets at the July and August SMC Phoenix meetups.

Tell the SMAZZIES what’s hot in AZ social media

The AZ Social Media Awards (SMAZZIES) are still accepting nominations in seven categories, hoping to help highlight some of the great efforts going on in social media across the state.  Nominate anyone you think is deserving, especially if they are doing great work and haven’t quite hit the spotlight yet!

  • Must Follow – The blog, twitter, or online presence you can’t get enough of
  • Business That Gets It – Non-industry company (not a social media/marketing entity) who demonstrates creative and proficient use of social media
  • Most Social Use Of Social Media – Best/most innovative use of technology to connect to people in person
  • Trailblazer – Out there doing cutting edge things, changing the way people work or think in the social media space
  • Up and Coming – Most notable freelance individual or agency that is notably improving its offering
  • Most Entertaining – Most all around amusing, insightful, or crazy
  • Homegrown Can Of Awesome – Most interesting / promising start up business, technology or tool from right here in AZ

Submissions are open until July 18th, so get your nominations in today!

Mashable’s Social Media Day recap

Social Media Day
Image by via Flickr

Last month Mashable declared June 30th to be Social Media Day, encouraging people around the world to meet and connect around social media. While there are already a lot of great social media related events in Phoenix, an enterprising group of people and sponsors came together at the MADCAP theaters in Tempe.

We had over 100 people show up, and shared swapped ideas with the Tucson meetup via Skype.  We gave away some prizes donated by local businesses, shared some of the best local social happenings in Phoenix, and networked to some local music for several hours. For coming together on just a few days notice, it was a lot of fun! We are looking at doing these more network-oriented “Social Media Days” in the future, incorporating a lot of feedback and really making it a fun venue to connect with other SM practitioners across the Valley.

That’s it?

At the moment, anyway!  Lot’s of great stuff going on over the summer, so

If you have specific topics you would like to cover, you can leave a comment here or head over to our UserVoice forum.

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