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Apr 13 / Oden Hughes

Tools & Trends Meeting Wrap Up

We intended April’s meeting to be a bit of departure from our typical format and we were quite successful. The panel was focused on Tools and Trends with a special nod to what was hot at South by Southwest. I captured a small novel full of up and coming sites and the hottest trends in the social media arena and will be posting them in a serialized fashion over the next week.

Social Media 101

Evo Terra kicked off the evening with an in-depth presentation, Dispelling SEO Myths, focusing on the fundamental concepts of great web design, content creation and effective implementation that will get your site noticed. You can find more information and view the presentation on his site A Simpler Way.

SXSW Hot List

Geo location based services were predominately featured. Tying your physical location to your virtual communities through an application where individuals can post locations and activities out to their own network, and businesses can gather data about their customers.  These check-in based applications are quickly becoming platforms, and with companies like PayPal announcing an API for mobile applications these platforms will be very soon be transactional, if they aren’t already.

Suggested sites: Whrrl Gowalla Foursquare

QR codes or Quick Response codes because they are read quickly by a mobile devices by scanning the code through its camera. They can store all kinds of useful bits of information on just about anything from products to people in the form of links, videos, text, photos and more. Google has added QR support to their new url shortener,, which will create a code for any website by adding QR to the end of the shortened url (Chrome only for now) and Facebook recently created a stir by openly testing the ability for users to create a QR for your profile or status updates.

Suggested sites: Kaywa

Other Cool Sites

Venmo Exchange money with trusted friends via text messages.

Foodspotting Find and log specific dishes not just restaurants.

StickyBits Building social connections through bar codes by attaching digital content to any real world object.

TabbedOut Create and close your bar tab on your iPhone using a stored credit card at any participating venue.

Upcoming Events

SMC Parents

April 22nd – MadCap Theater in Tempe

Raising Arizona Kids magazine is partnering with Social Media Club Phoenix to provide parents with information to ensure their children are safe online. Our panelists will break down the popular social networking tools so parents can understand each tools use, and how each can be used safely.

Know parents at your children’s school?  Neighbors?  Friends?  Please forward them this information and help spread the word about this valuable resource!


April 29th – Fractal in Phoenix

Phoenix isn’t lacking in designers. There are architects, gamers, graphic gurus, urban planners … the list goes on. New to the city is PechaKucha—an event designed as a sounding board for these creative minds lost in the desert sand. Drawing its name from the Japanese term for the sound of “chit chat”, it rests on a presentation format that is based on a simple idea: 20 images x 20 seconds. It’s a format that makes presentations concise, and keeps things moving at a rapid pace.

Big thanks to Stephen Murphey for graciously volunteering to record a video of the night for us.

Please take a moment to place your votes for future topics in the SMCPhoenixUservoice forum. We try to make each meeting topic one that the community is most interested in and your votes are instrumental to our planning process.

Up next…Blogging, Content & Twitter

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