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Mar 8 / Oden Hughes

Assessing Your SM Effectiveness

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The March 11th topic for Social Media Club Phoenix will be focused on measuring the effectiveness of Social Media strategies, suggested in our Uservoice forum.

Assessing Your SM Effectiveness

One of the most commonly asked questions about SM Campaigns is how to measure their success. There are plenty of sites out there that promise the silver bullet answer to quantifying the effectiveness of your SM Strategies but how do real companies measure the effectiveness of their activities. We’ll talk about the different measurements available that you should consider and in what scenarios they can be applied, the tools to use when first starting out and the metrics that are crucial when measuring success of any Social Media Campaign.


  • Fred Von Graf – Managing Partner, Web3Mavens, @fvongraf


  • Jim Carr – Director of Digital Media, KTVK-3TV &, @azfamily & @JimmCarr
  • Dave Cooke – Founder, Strategic Resource Group, @SalesCooke
  • Zach Hubbell – Technology Services Consultant, @zachhubbell
  • Sheila Kloefkorn – President, KEO Marketing, @keomarketing
  • Brian Roy – President, justSignal, @briantroy

Social Media 101

For those of you who are new to defining SM Strategies, Social Media 101 has just the thing for you at 5:30 — sharp! This month we are leading into our Social Media Effectiveness discussion with 10 Things You Need to Consider Before Starting a SM Campaign.

Because we only have about 45 minutes for the class plus a Q & A session, please be on time. The class will end at 6:15, giving everyone plenty of time to make it to the main SMCPHX meeting that starts promptly at 6:30.

Both discussion are open to anyone interested, join in at the offices!

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