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Jun 10 / Jeff Moriarty

SMC Phoenix has disbanded

After many years, loads of meetings, an army of great members, and a score of great topics, Social Media Club Phoenix is wrapping things up.

The social media scene in Phoenix has matured and changed dramatically since the club started, and there are now tons of great resources out there for people interested in getting involved in this developing medium. Meanwhile the people who have been running it have moved on to other endeavors, happy for all the people they have met and helped along the way.

On behalf of Francine, Brian, Jeff, Oden, Andrew, Jerilyn, Daniel, and Sam, thank you for being part of Social Media Club Phoenix!

Apr 6 / aknochel


We'll be back shortly.We’ve been taking a bit of a break in 2014, as you know. Sorry for the lack of communication, our team has been busy with other projects and life events so far this year.

We’re looking forward to bringing you the great content and conversation you expect in May. In the meantime, feel free to reach out with thoughts, suggestions, comments or rotten vegetables on Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks for your patience and we look forward to seeing you on May 21st!

Jan 12 / aknochel

Happy 2014! No meeting in January.

There will be no SMC meeting this month. See you in February!

Oct 29 / aknochel

November SMC Phoenix: Year-end recap

brace yourselves

Yes, we know there are still almost two whole months left in 2013. But with holidays coming up (more on this later!), we figured we should talk about what happened this year now. Let’s not wait until it’s time to put up new calendars and to start trying to remember to write 2014 instead of 2013 on the one check we still have to write each month (you have one too, you know it!).

One of the big trends in social media over the last year was profit-seeking. Facebook is a public company; Twitter hot on its heels. Facebook’s income, driven by advertising, has increased dramatically in the past year.

What does the push for ad revenue mean for these platforms’ users? How do you feel about the idea of ads on Instagram? What about the big focus on “second-screen” experiences, tying social media interactions in to TV shows to try to get people to watch their favorite shows as they air, instead of after delays? Are Facebook and Twitter and other platforms moving too fast as they try to grow revenues, leaving their users behind?

What about location-based services? What’s going to happen to Google+ or MySpace? Are there any new services that are taking advantage of our renewed emphasis on sharing photos and video?

Help us answer these questions and talk about many more topics on November 20th at 6pm at our usual location, 200 E. Van Buren, on the 3rd floor. Bring your crystal ball, and if you know anyone with precognitive abilities, make sure to invite them!

We mentioned the holidays – we want to celebrate 2013′s end with you all! Save the date: Wednesday, December 11th.

Sep 4 / aknochel

Look at a success story – Origami Owl’s social strategy


Owl, Jewelry, "Tools for Success

(Photo via Origami Owl)
Origami Owl has built a successful empire based on design and customer service. Let’s take a look at the role social media plays.

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry was started by Bella, who was 16. Since then, Origami Owl has grown exponentially. On September 18th, we’re going take a look at how the team uses social media to support customers and hostesses,  show off designers’ work, and ultimately help drive sales.

Christine Confehr, Assistant Marketing Manager for social at Origami Owl, will take us through her strategies, the tools she uses, and how she measures success.

We hope you’ll join us for an in-depth look at social media at Origami Owl! The meeting will be at our usual spot at GannettLocal at 6pm.

Before the meeting, you can take a look at Origami Owl’s Facebook,  Twitter, and Pinterest, as well as their website.

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Aug 12 / Daniel Moran, Jr.

Let’s explore social management tools

social media managment



Who has the time to post, track and measure every platform you manage on your own? It would be impossible without using a social management tool. The team at SMC Phoenix would like to help social junkies across the Valley explore tools used by local experts. We have invited team leaders from local companies to come share their experiences and take your questions.



Let’s meet your panel:

  • Max Twietmeyer of GanetteLocal—working with small and mid-sized business nationwide, Max manages his portfolio of client’s social media campaigns, developing content and unique strategies.
  • Wendy Barnes of U-Haul International, Inc.—as one of the driving forces behind U-Haul’s social media strategy, Wendy is responsible for managing its Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts.
  • Heather Lynne Herr of RightThisMinute—leading the social strategy for its nationally syndicated viral video news show, Heather focuses on building a community to support customer service, marketing and brand loyalty for RightThisMinute.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday, August 21 from 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m. at Gannett Local. We will head over to District Kitchen around 7:30 p.m. for some post-meeting cocktails, food and lively discussion.


Jul 5 / Daniel Moran, Jr.

Take a peek behind Z’Tejas’ social media strategy


Z Tejas- 2/365

Z Tejas- 2/365 (Photo credit: Andreanna Moya Photography)


Join SMC Phoenix on Wednesday, July 17 from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. as we spotlight Z’Tejas’ social media strategy. The burgeoning restaurant group’s Director of Marketing Kennedy Turner will be tackling questions to give our group a snapshot into their social marketing.


He will focus on:

  1. Z’Tejas’ overall marketing strategy and how Twitter and Facebook are integrated
  2. Balancing social conversations with broadcasting information
  3. Integrating multimedia across Z’Tejas’ social platforms
  4. What tools they use to listen, schedule and measure success

Be sure to follow and like Z’Tejas because we will be opening the floor for questions. We will see you on Wednesday, July 17 at GannettLocal. After the meeting, join us at District Kitchen for some post-meeting cocktails, food and networking.


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May 30 / Daniel Moran, Jr.

June’s Meeting: App matchup: Evernote vs. Springpad

Evernote vs Springpad


Let’s get ready to rumble.

SMC Phoenix is introducing a new round table discussion about mobile apps that make your life and managing social media channels easier. This new format will be intermixed with our regular panel discussions analyzing trends, platforms and social media strategies. We are asking members to come prepared to share their experiences, love, hatred and cool tricks with the various apps we select.

This month we will take an in-depth look at the personal note-taking apps Evernote and Springpad. To join in on our discussion you will need to:

1. Download Evernote and Springpad from your app store
2. Test out the apps
3. Read up on Evernote and Springpad

We look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday, June 19 from 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m. at Gannett Local. We will head over to District Kitchen around 7:30 p.m. for some post-meeting cocktails, food and lively discussion.

Don’t forget to download the apps. We will be expecting everyone to chime in and share their opinions.


May 2 / Daniel Moran, Jr.

In an insta’…you’ll learn a lot about #Instagram

Smile for Instagram, photo via Flickr by Technosailor

Smile for Instagram, photo via Flickr by Technosailor



On Wednesday, May 15, Social Media Club of Phoenix will host a round table discussion to help you navigate Instagram. We’ve invited Coley Arnold and Lindsay Holt, Owners of Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market; Karen Scheffe, Owner of Photographie; and Leslie-Jean Thornton, Professor of Journalism at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School.


Our lively discussion will tackle hard-hitting questions that to help you better understand Instagram and how you can use it to build your business or personal brand. At this month’s meeting we’ll:

  • Discuss how to best use #hashtags on Instagram
  • Explore best practices for running contests
  • Learn how to measure engagement on Instagram
  •  Discover how tools like Inc361 can help collect and/or analyze data
  • Spotlight tools to help you edit photos

We will see you on Wednesday, May 15 at 6:00 p.m. at GanettLocal.



Coley Arnold and Lindsay Holt – Owners of Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market      

Find them on Instagram         

They are girlfriends who share a common bond of always wanting more junk in their trunks. They share a passion for things old and rusty. They love home decor and finding a good bargain. They truly want to bring like-minded people together who share their passions and help them learn about new ones. They want to create an environment for people to bring their handmade creations and sweet vintage finds to one location for all to see, enjoy and buy.

Karen Scheffe – Owner of Elan Photographie        

Find her on Instgram

Photography became her reality in 2008 when she picked up her first pro camera. Her passion swiftly became a lifestyle, as photography turned from a hobby to a full time career. She loves warm weather and is based out of phoenix.  She’s a Canon girl, and always has been.

Leslie-Jean Thornton
Leslie-Jean Thornton’s research focuses on professional journalism practices, convergence and new media. She has taught online media and advanced editing at the Cronkite School since 2004 after developing similar classes for the State University of New York at New Paltz. Before accepting a Freedom Forum fellowship for her doctoral work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she was a newspaper editor in New York, Connecticut and Virginia..


Apr 3 / Jerilyn Soncrant

April’s SMC Phoenix Meeting: The Power of Social Media Analytics

Social Media AnalyticsWe know you are constantly creating content to share through social media but are you measuring, analyzing, and interpreting interactions and associations between people, topics and ideas?

Social media analytics is a powerful tool that should be used to fully understand the value and impact of your content on your customers.

This month at SMC Phoenix we will be taking a deep dive into analytics by discussing what you can and should do with analytics. We’ll also talk about the necessities of an analytics strategy and you’ll even walk away with 10 must-haves.

Our panelists of experts include:

Sean Bollinger: Director of Analytics at ethology

Samantha Leopoldi: SEO Specialist at SheKnows, LLC.

As always everyone is welcome to attend SMC Phoenix but keep in mind this month’s topic is for intermediate to advanced social media users. See you on Wednesday, April 17th at 6:00pm at GannettLocal.

And don’t forget we’ll be heading over to District Kitchen around 7:30pm for some post-meeting cocktails at 50% off.